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This website is dedicated to the family history, reunions, friends and more of the Bashor (Boshaar)  line of descendants. While we have traveled near and afar, we still have common bonds between us all. Within this website I hope to share with you all of the historical information that a great many people have helped in putting together.

In order to use the Family Tree genealogy information you need to be authorized. It is free to use, however  it contains sensitive information about not only relatives past on; starting around 1625; but it also has information about the family as near as 2007, so authorization is required to browse, or add information available here.

This information has been studied and inspected in great depth, however there is chance that dates, or other information provided here that may be inaccurate. If you have an update, change, privacy requests or more, please contact us to discuss. While we have lots of information, there is still plenty more out there, so we ask your help in recovering this information before time slips even farther.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, and questions about this database, our Colorado Bashor Family reunions, or this website.

Historical Information Disclaimer: and  assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented on this web site.  Every effort is made to be sure the information is correct, however some of it is obtained from outside databases and certain assumptions are made that the information is accurate.  In many cases a search of census records is done to be sure the information makes sense.  Whenever possible, source information is included with each individual listed.

Please use it accordingly.

Errors can very easily be made especially when  dealing with information
that is 200 + years old.  So please contact us if you find any inaccuracy.

Thank you.

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